About Us

Enrico Pucci

Pelletteria Enrico Pucci is a leather factory deeply rooted in the great tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship, a specialist in hand-made python and leather goods.

Established in 1970 by master craftsman Enrico Puccinelli, in Bientina, near Pisa, since the start it has been standing above all others in the design and manufacture of luxury bags in superior leather, all from Tuscan tanneries, with Italian-made accessories.

An eye for fashion and design, combined with great manual skills and the new trends, are the distinctive features that have been going on for nearly 50 years in the life of Pelletteria Artigiana Enrico Pucci.


Today, the leather factory is headed by the founder’s sons, Fabrizio and Riccardo, who work with passion and dedication, according to those principles that their father, as well as their mother who never left his husband’s side, have handed down to them.

The excellence of hand-made python leather goods, the company’s core business, revisited in new colours, and an eye for the ever-changing fashion trends, driven by new market requirements, are the Mission of this new generation of movers and shakers. 

Nowadays, as well as being beautiful, a bag needs also to be functional and adaptable to everyday needs, and every day in his workshop Enrico Pucci creates new styles to meet such requirements.

Enrico Pucci: precious leather for luxury, unique, timeless products.